If you feel your business has lost its way,

it’s time to take a look at yourself.
Because blocking your own brilliance just isn’t cutting it for you any more.

Knowing Who You Are

Shapes Everything You Do.

Knowing Who You Are Shapes

Your Business and Your Life



little arrow(Pssst… btw, see the girl in the pic, she ‘gets it’, she gets how to be who she is.)     Be Like Her.


Being yourself in business is easier than you think.  Once you know yourself.


I will help you get it, and have the business that is right for YOU.



I teach creative business owners

to express who you are into fully aligned creative work.


Fierce auditAligning who you are and how you work isn’t magic,

it’s self-mastery.

If you are sick of the disconnect between what you value, sell, design, create, and work towards,
You are in the right place.
If you fear showing up and offering the world your real, authentic self, your likely holding back more than you realize.
If this sounds like
              you face







You are in the right place.


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Invest time in people who remind you how good it feels to be true to yourself.



Being in Business for Yourself is Exhilarating + Isolating.

As a creative business owner you are busy with clients creating the very thing they need, meanwhile…
you are missing out on the thing you need.


Someone to bounce your ideas off of.

A listening ear.

Someone who is 100% in your corner. Focused on you.

Someone who wants to see you shine.

Someone who knows how you work and what works for you, not against you.

If this sounds like you, I am here to help.

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arms + coffee small

When you follow your own lead..

the actions you take are stronger,
more aligned,
and everyone around you
can feel it,
including you.




If you’ve been looking for specific insights based on your business,


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an expert who can offer you a fresh perspective,
who is focused on seeing the areas of your business that are either aligned or not. 
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