Are your clients transactions or…

Are your clients people you deeply care about?



This is the heart of business.
Sales are the heart of business
Without sales there is no business.


The problem with conventional sales training is that it thrives on transactional selling.
This is not your traditional sales training.
There is no beer,
No bro’s
No naked babes sitting on cars.
I will not offer you flash, cars, or promises of fast cash here.
These are masculine ways of selling.



This kind of sales is not sustainable.

This is about selling with soul.

You will create something, you are not going to extract it.
You are a creator.
You are a creative business owner and you are not built to merely take something away from others.





You’re zone of genius is creating value.
You create a livelihood
You create money.
You are not a taker, you create.
Traditional sales techniques are about extracting cash and making quick deals.
I will not ask you to adopt a masculine mode to sell.
I will not ask you to ‘fake it until you make it’
I will not ask you to pressure someone into buying from you.
I will not ask you to be aggressive or manipulative.
These kinds of sales techniques require you to create a persona or a performance.
Instead, I believe sales is about creating
A relationship
I am not your ordinary sales coach.
I don’t wear a suit.
There will be not high pressure sales tactics and absolutely no smarmy sales strategies.
This is not how we sell here.
This isn’t just you feeling this way.
This is not for you.
There is nothing wrong about you.
The old model will not work for relationship based business owners.
Let me talk to you about sales.
Name the problems with traditional sales techniques
Name sales anxiety.
No wonder we have sales anxiety, the sales techniques we see are out of alignment with who we are as women and the work we want to do in this world.
Here is what I know to be true:
Intuitive women are superb at creating sales.
Once you can free yourself of the notion that it has to be done in a transactional way.
Are you good at relationship?
Can you read body language
Do you know how to talk to people?
Do you know intuitively what people need to feel supported?
If the answer to all of this is yes, even if you are an introvert, you can have gracious sales conversations. You can build relationships.
Here is the big insight about sales, its about building relationships.
People need to feel deeply heard, deeply understood, and deeply seen.
When you care about the work you do and you have something to offer them, that is a sale.
It is an invitation to relationship.
I am willing to bet that as an intuitive empathic woman you have all the natural sales skills you need, once you get free of that transactional nonsense we’ve been taught to believe about how sales are done













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