Selling your services feels similar to a punch in the gut to most relationship based business owners. One of the reasons we avoid having sales conversations is that gut punch feeling. ⠀

I know you have felt it, because I have, too. Just as you start to feel like you’ve made a connection with a potential client, and she asks you what you charge, you find yourself feeling like the wind has been knocked out of you. ⠀

I used to feel this way myself. I would do a stellar job at offering my expertise, but when the conversation came to talking money, I’d freeze or find a way around it. ⠀

The paralysis I felt about sales was the driver, for me, to find my way through it, to sell without selling myself out. I love the creativity, that comes with selling. ⠀

Selling is not a one size fits all list of questions or steps, it’s an intuitive and creative process. It’s about connection, creativity, and relationship. ⠀

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