retro chairAs a creative business owner, you are likely armed with an innate skill for empathy in client conversations. You can see and feel your clients desires, but when it comes time for you to ask to be paid, empathy can feel like more of a liability than an asset.⠀⠀
Here’s what is playing out in those moments you struggle to ask to be paid, to hold firm in your pricing, and hold onto the value you have to offer as an expert in your creative business…⠀⠀
“Our relationship with money reflects how we feel about our power to affect the world. Since money is a mirror of our consciousness, the more comfortable we are with being powerful, the more money we are likely to create in our lives. Many of us have issues with power, and these are likely to be reflected in our relationship with money.”
-Shakti Gawain⠀⠀

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