women's boots“I feel like I am trying to convince clients to work with me instead of being clear & from my heart”⠀

As an intuitive creative business owner, she was doubting her ability to woo her clients and so the easiest way she knew how to try to “get clients” was to try to convince them she was the one they needed to hire.⠀

Instead of convincing, we worked on a process I call Soul Powered Selling. To do this, I want to encourage you to bet on yourself, your skills, your ability to solve a problem for your client using your heart to connect with your clients heart and soul. I want you to double down on what’s working for you in your business and to step away from doing whatever it is you think you are “supposed” to be doing to be successful. ⠀

To get my client back to the heart of her business, it was necessary to explore and examine the foundation upon which her business stood. She needed to understand how to bring the value she had in the marketplace and stand firm in who she is.⠀

As women, the struggle with standing firm on the value you have to offer is an active step by step process. Standing firm in your value requires you to take steps to actively pursue the areas of your greatest strength and use them in the service of your work. ⠀

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