You made it!

Sometimes – scratch that – often times I worry


that I give away waaaaaaaaaay too much of my process, ideas, support and coaching for free. 


This can be a problem, but in my business it helps build trust, and invites some solid paying clients into my coaching practice. Do I have some folks who take it and run?  Of course I do.  Do I let it stop me from continuing to give?


NO WAY!  And here is why you shouldn’t either:


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Anxiety free sales scriptsSince we are friends, I can be honest and tell you that I do a lot more cold outreach than you might expect.  I don’t wait for business opportunities to come to me. My business does not work this way. If you are anything like me, and I am guessing you are, we create connections with potential clients one-on-one because that is our sweet spot. I’ve found that doing my homework on a potential client is all the leverage I need to make and create a lasting impression.


I do my research.


Yep, I give myself homework to find potential connections whose work I can get behind. It has to excite me, interest me, and I must see some commonality to take the time to invest in reaching out.
A very important part of this process starts with knowing myself as a business owner. I know my strengths, and I know how to leverage what I am good at. Most importantly, I have figured out how to present my strengths to potential clients. I call this process ‘Soul Powered Selling’. For me, it is impossible to sell just to make money. I believe that when a woman makes more money, she has more choices available to her.

Once I’ve identified a potential client – I reach out.

I know this sounds simple, but many business owners experience some resistance as they attempt to reach out. As women we’ve been taught that it is rude to ask directly for what we need, so it stands to reason that as women we struggle to reach out. It goes against what we’ve been taught about what it means to be a woman.
To make the process of reaching out feel easier, tangible and totally doable for you, I created some scripts you can start to use.

So here you go, Sales Scripts PDF!


Anxiety free sales scripts