Private Coaching & Sales Strategy


6 Month coaching program created for relationship based business owners, photographers, retreat leaders, coaches and creative women led businesses. 





Wouldn’t you feel like a Boss if…

Tomorrow you woke up with a sales strategy and sustainable business?








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You’ve spent your career developing a set of professional and creative skills and yet..
You’ve spent zero hours on sales training.


You are not sure you have a strategy when it comes to sales.
I believe you have a sales style, in fact, I guarantee it!


Your anxiety starts to rise when you think about the sales training, you believe is necessary to pull this off.


I am here to tell you, that when you are ready to go for it, I will guide you with the tools and wisdom to put your strategy and personal sales style in place.
It is simply a skill gap and reorientation.


We both know that I can’t walk your journey to a sales strategy for you. BUT… I will be with you, guiding you forward, as you make change.
I will be with you when clients, test your boundaries, and sales appearto be going sideways.
I will be with you when you hit the inevitable setbacks of running a small business.
I will be with you when you get your sales strategy in place and start to see the return on your investment unfold before you.

I won’t promise you that this deep dive into your business will be easy.


 Change rarely is.



But you don’t have to do it alone.
I know the road and I know the trials.
I will help you craft a sales strategy and customer experience that you can come back to again and again.
With your sales style and strategy you will go further, faster than you’d dreamed possible for your business.


With Heidi’s help, I’ve discovered how to attract my ideal client, how to conduct discovery calls, close sales, and build relationships while conducting sales conversations in a way that feels really good for a heart-centered, calm, and quiet creative like me.

Here’s how it works:

Over 6 months time, we will work one on one to craft a personalized sales strategy using these five areas of skill building, focus, and training.

 Sales Strategy:

Together we will create a step by step sales process that aligns with your offerings. This is a customized process, we create for you and with you.

 Sales & Relationship Building :

How to set up a sales conversation, including outreach, connection, conversation and ultimately how to close the sale. We will dive into how you currently build client relationships with the rebuild your process 

 Sales Mindset:

Identify and acknowledge money story’s/blocks that keep you from selling, so that we can expand your capacity and ability to close more sales. 

 Business Boundaries:

Are you in the friend zone with your buyers? I believe that being nice is not a sales strategy, so, here you will learn how to communicate the power of your expertise without overdoing, over proving, or people pleasing.

Communication Skills

 We will work on communicating the value of your offerings so you can easily and skillfully reach out and respond to a potential buyer with confidence. Practically speaking, we will work on creating canned emails, sales emails, social media posts, and messages that help you close the sale so you can sell with ease and strategy. 







I have almost reached waitlist status for my one on one service and have a sustainable source of revenue.

Mind blown” Jenny, Owner, Financials for Creatives



I had no idea how to sell to clients, I saw it as a huge gap and an anxiety trigger I wanted to overcome. Through the work I did with Heidi, I was able to create a relationship with myself and my business so that I could start to make authentic sales happen. I’ve changed how I approach sales – from trepidation and avoidance to now being able to lead a sales conversation with confidence. I’ve learned how to sell and engage with dream clients, but also how to ask for higher fees and get them!  

Amber Ellis, Creating Light Studio



I was confident in the quality of my work but before I met Heidi I was just putting it out there and hoping clients would find me. The thought of being “sales-y” mortified me and as such I was making very few sales. Heidi coached me through developing my own style of pitching to new clients – one that taps into my enthusiasm for what I do and feels 100% authentic and not at all sales-y. Now I’m not only confident in my work but also in the way I sell it to the clients I really want to work with.   

Debra Cowie, Photography and Styling  

Before working with Heidi, I was not happy with the direction my business was moving in. Heidi helped me to identify the areas in my business that were not lining up with who I am and how I prefer to work. After working with Heidi, I noticed in the first quarter of the year, I have earned more take home income than I did in the entire year previously” 

Tammy Martin, Owner of Martin Marketing. 

Before I started working with Heidi, I was feeling like I was always moving but never getting anywhere in my business. The results I have gained from the coaching relationship with Heidi is the ability to trust and have confidence in what I sense deep inside, along with how to stand in the value I bring to the marketplace. I had a huge shift in the way I see myself and what I offer my clients.

Simchah Huizar, Owner at Breath of Life Yoga


Heidi, I can’t thank you enough for helping me find my unique value! I have been more at ease jumping into new creative territory and meeting new clients. I am grateful for the deep digging, uncovering, and revealing work we have done. Thank you, Heidi 

Richard Wilks, Artist 


Heidi is able to call me on my stuff in the most loving supportive way, and help me see new ways of boldly showing up in the world. She challenges me to be the person I can be (even before I fully believe it!) Working with Heidi is challenging me to step up and achieve more than I ever thought possible. Business ideas I’ve let percolate for almost two years are implemented and taking flight. 

Jo Casey, Coach Mentor for Nice People 


Heidi helped me identify what I do to turn my dissatisfaction in my work life into action. She was able to pinpoint areas of my work style that were getting in the way of my happiness and future success.  Heidi’s ability to recognize key mindset shifts necessary to change my work life, also changed the way I looked at my entire life.  

Jennifer Kyle, Communications Coordinator  


With Heidi’s help I’ve unlocked a part of myself that I’d thought was gone forever, but was only sleeping. She gently guided me in searching myself, my motives, my abilities, and now I’m braver in every area of my life. I’m doing things I never thought I could, like set up book signings, interviews, speaking engagements, and being more authentic in my writing and in my relationships.

Erin E.M. Hatton, Award Winning Author    


Without Heidi’s uncanny insight, honesty, and accountability, I never would have been in the process of starting my own business. Her integrity and boldness to believe in my had an immeasurable effect. I had an awakening back to hope, an inspiration to believe that I can be who I need to be, and the truth that I am worth receiving it all. 

Carie Schlosser, Interior Stylist   


Working with Heidi lifted me up to a higher ground where I gained insight and vision to move forward. I felt stuck and her gentle yet profound inquiries brought me to a very real understanding of my gifts. Heidi is extremely intuitive and in a very short time encouraged me to trust, value, and cherish my wisdom and life experience.  Jane Reeves, Owner of Yoga Jane