Have I ever told you about how much I…

hold myself back,

and about how much I care about what others think of me,

or how I can just plain think too small, especially when it comes to what I really want for my life.

We Have PowerNO?!

Well, I do, and so do the women around you.

I can guarantee it.

This is what it looks like when I do it, when I self-sabotage.

I stop reaching, trying, growing, learning, and putting the truest parts of myself out there.
I hide myself, my thoughts, my feelings, and some of the best parts of who I am.  I hide them from myself and those around me.

I have recognized, and thankfully so, what the voice of my own self-sabotage sounds like, looks like, and feels like.
Have you?

According to Women’s Advocate, Helene Lerner, Self-Sabotage shows up in nine different ways.
Noticing and acknowledging at least one of the ways our self-sabotage shows up can be some of the most powerful work you will ever do for yourself.
  Identifying the way(s) you are operating, consciously and unconsciously has the power to change the way you live your life.

When you start identifying your own self-sabotage, it will not change over night, but it puts you on the right track toward living a better, bolder, stronger, more confident you.

Gaining self-confidence is done over time, and one of the first steps to take is to identify what is getting in the way of you being your confident self.

Starting right now, click here, and identify which one of the nine ways you are sabotaging your own success, confidence, and momentum.

Once you have identified at least one, I’d like you to spend the next week noticing how and when this form of sabotage shows up for.

Is it situational?

Is it the first thing you think of as you roll outta bed?

Are you surrounded by people who bring out the worst in you?

Have you covered yourself in old beliefs about yourself, so much so, that you cannot see who you are through a lens of clarity?

The next step you can take is to tell someone close to you, that you trust, what you see, hear, and feel when it comes to the ways you self-sabotage. 

If you are not ready to tell someone close to you, leave a comment below, and tell me all about it.

Holding yourself up, examining what you see, telling someone else about it provides the kind of awakening we are all looking for.

Keeping the hard stuff locked up inside is no way to live, and certainly no way to find the answers, solutions, or map to guide you back to the life you know is possible for you.

Here is the list, one more time.

Go on now, you know you want to…


2 comments on “Have I Ever Told You This?”

  1. I sabotage myself by doing stupid things in the middle of something good (like dropping stuff accidentally), by beating myself up for every little mistake I make and by creating painful physical symptoms after having really enjoyed something. Also, by trying to convince people who love me that it’s not a good idea to love me or to be with me.
    A #10 should be Punishing yourself, in my opinion.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Fab,

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing.
      What you are describing about being hard on yourself and getting in the way of your own success or the love of others, can feel like a tough cycle to break.

      Know that you are not alone.

      You may want to have a look in my blog archives, or the search button “the upper limit” it’s another post that gets right to the heart of why we self-sabotage based on our past, our family history, and how we see ourselves.
      Feel free to let me know if you have a chance to read it, and what your thoughts are.

      P.S. I agree with you, that punishing yourself would be a great addition to this list. 🙂

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