Every creative business owner is first and foremost, a salesperson.

I know, that ⬆️ statement just made you queasy, right?! ⠀

This idea came to me from an article written by Praveen Suthrum about sales and he sums up what I know to be truer than true, he says;⠀

selling is a holy job. ⠀
Even Apple does it.

That sales is hard for everybody. ⠀
But everybody can sell if they want to.

That you don’t have to lie and make up stuff to sell. ⠀

Being your most honest self builds trust. And that’s actually a very good sales strategy.

That you are doing your customers a big help by showing up at their door. Allowing them to discover you. ⠀

That we have to sell. To survive. Or thrive.

That sales can actually make you a better, more useful entrepreneur”.

The intuitive, creative, relationship based business owners I work with, want to dive deep into creating a sales process that feels good and makes them money.
If you are ready to consider partnering with a relational sales coach, you can set up a discovery call, right here so we can discover if hiring a sales coaching is right for you. ⠀


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