Hands holding a coffee cup in winter Being a creative business owner requires tenacity, an unwavering commitment to go after something unseen – to trust that your expertise and intuition will guide you. ⠀

As you hold onto trust a very real reality is this… reaching out and creating connections that lead to clients is also a big part of the work. It’s not enough to just show up on the internet and expect the clients to come find you. ⠀

Until you can show your potential client that you can help solve a problem they have, you will continue to feel frustrated with the lack of clients and creative work you have. Being in business is not about you, it’s about the person you serve. ⠀

As you look into this week and beyond, connect with and ask your potential client what area of their business or life is the most frustrating. You are not the expert until you can help solve a problem or show a solution. You have the solutions and holding that back is not serving you. In fact, when you hold back it serves no one.

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