A rack of clothes“Success in business is directly proportional to the ability to sell; yourself, your services, and your ideas” – Geoffrey James⠀

If reading this quote ⬆️ feels like a punch in the gut, fear not. I believe you can power your selling with all of the soul, strength, and depth you have to offer without the need to sell yourself. ⠀

You have something to sell, ideas, products or services, and to sell the Soul Powered way is to understand who you are selling to, not how you can sell them on investing with you, because of you. It’s not about you at, really. Here’s why…⠀

A purchaser wants to feel that you understand her hesitations, concerns, and any quandaries she has before she buys. The buying decision is heavily influenced by your ability to help the purchaser feel aligned about the purchase. It’s likely she’s going to need to convince herself first, her partner/friends or parents, that she made a wise decision. She’s also considering, subconsciously how this purchase makes her feel. Does it strengthen her existing beliefs about who she is or is it asking her to step further into her future self? ⠀

This purchase is not about you, it’s about her. Yes, she’ll likely want to know a bit about you, but essentially, she needs to convince herself she’s made a solid purchasing decision. ⠀

Your job ultimately comes down to creating a product or service that you can stand behind so that selling it is the most confidence inspiring acts you’ll ever do for yourself and your buyer. ⠀

In closing, if you’ve created something you’re proud enough to put your name on, the next step is understanding your buyers’ concerns so you can meet them guide them through with confidence. If you feel less than whole and confident in your approach to selling, send me a line or two about it via DM or in the comments below, writing it down can be a powerful way to gain back some of your own personal power around selling and service.