Can They Find You?


Being a creative business owner requires tenacity, an unwavering commitment to go after something unseen – to trust that your expertise and intuition will guide you. ⠀ ⠀ As you hold onto trust a very real reality is this… reaching out and creating connections that lead to clients is also a big part of the […] Read more…

Power and Money


Power and money. If you are afraid of one, it’s unlikely you’ll have the amount you desire of the other. Many of the clients I work with are successful and talented, no question there. What they struggle with is stepping up, into a deeper relationship with themselves so that they can stand up and be […] Read more…

Align Who You Are With How You Sell


You are a service based solopreneur. The work you do is personal, and your livelihood depends on how well you sell yourself and your services.⠀ ⠀ Asking for the sale requires you to put yourself out there; to stand for something, and to lead your client in the direction of her hopes and dreams.

She is looking at you, and […] Read more…