DeskYou are a service based solopreneur. The work you do is personal, and your livelihood depends on how well you sell yourself and your services.⠀

Asking for the sale requires you to put yourself out there; to stand for something, and to lead your client in the direction of her hopes and dreams.

She is looking at you, and asking herself if she can trust you, if you can lead her, and if you have what it takes to help her get what she wants. What if I told you that confident selling starts with a deep connection with integrity so that you are aligning who you are with how you sell? ⠀

As you look at the messages you put out on social media and the clarity of your website along with your offerings and you cannot see why more right people are not hiring you, hit the link in my bio. I offer The Business Alignment Audit. This is a personalized look at your business. I take screen shots of what I see that help guide you toward more clients, clarity, and cash.

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