I  thought…

I had no business being in business.


Hi, I’m Heidi,

and I used to think,

“nope, I’m no good at sales”

Do you wake up in the morning thinking…


“I really need a sales strategy”
Nope, I bet you don’t.
You wake up thinking…


“I  have no business being in business,


 I am creative, not entrepreneurial, what was I  thinking?!” 

I used to think the same way, that all my ideas counted for nothing if I couldn’t find a sustainable way to sell them. I had some hit and missed moments, clients who loved to work with me, but I couldn’t nail down a process or sales strategy that matched my creativity.⠀




 Take heart,


 dear solopreneur,

I want you to know that I went from hating sales to enjoying building the relationships that are all a part of selling. I found my own sales style. I promise you, sales can feel and be an extension of your creativity.


Trust me,

if I can find a way to love sales enough to want to talk about it all day long, there’s a way for you to be who you are and sell what you love all in the name of creativity.


Here are a few other things you might like to know about me…

  • I am an Introvert (an INFP to be exact).

  • I studied social work and am well equipped for the deep dive we are about to take

  • Love to dye my hair crazy colours

  • I used to design floral arrangements for a living.

  • I am not a fan of small talk.

  • Only recently discovered how much I can love a DOG.

  • I love nature and my Instagram feed is filled with it – oh – and pictures of my dog too.

  • I failed grade 3, and in highschool I was forced to take typing class TWICE.


  • I started dating my now husband when I was fifteen.  When you know – you know.




 I  believe…


         life is too short to have boring hair.

And it’s way too short to not use your creativity, intuition, and empathy to earn the money your business deserves.




Here’s what others have said about working with me..


She was a seasoned yoga teacher who started offering some hybrid services to her clients. She came to see me because she wanted to offer more of her the hybrid yoga/coaching mix to her clients, but she struggled to know how to position herself and pay herself based on all of the changes she was in the middle of making. ⠀

She said “I was feeling like a hamster spinning my wheel, always moving but never getting anywhere.” ⠀

Many of the women I meet are incredibly competent, intuitive, soul centered and driven women who decide it’s time to take their business deeper. They’ve decided to make room for more from themselves than they’ve previously allowed. To build a business that reflects who they are, not the business others expect of them, but the business that calls to them, deeply. Asking them to rise to a deeper, stronger, more aligned being who gets paid well for the value she offers the world.⠀

As for the Yoga hybrid client, she said this about our work
Heidi had to take me to some deep emotional places in order for me to find my voice. She showed me my instinctual reactions to events in my life and business. I had a huge shift in the way I saw myself and what I offer to my clients. She revealed the ‘story’ I had told myself all my life and it caused me to examine and change the very foundation from where my business emanates.”


Nikkol COut of curiosity, I signed up for a coaching session with Heidi, and it was AMAZING!
So many “aha” moments for me that truly gave me freedom in my business.
Heidi literally guided me to see things that I hadn’t realized were holding me back.
I have started changing the way I work for the better.  If there is something missing in your life or business or you are just plain curious, I cannot recommend Heidi enough.
Nikkol Christiansen – Designer at refine-studio



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 I am grateful for the deep digging, uncovering and revealing work we are doing. Thank you, Heidi.
– Richard Wilks – Artist


Before I was a coach to creatives..

I had
been a floral designer for 16 years and was at the height of my career in terms of pay and reputation.

The weddings I worked on were big, the houses I put finishing touches into were bigger, and the stress even greater, but this was what I had been working up to, right?! Sure, I loved working with some of the most beautiful flowers you could imagine and in some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing places.  Thing is, the hours I put in and the toll it had on my body had been wearing me down.
I started to feel the drain both physically and mentally and thought the best route to take would be to start my own custom design business, be my own boss, set my own rules. It all sounded like a great way to continue to do the kind of work I had been doing but to also take care of myself in the process.
Funny thing is, what I really wanted (but was not able to see at the time) was that I desperately yearned for more for myself. The more I wanted meant getting out of a career I had spent so many hours, months, and years creating. All of that work, and yet all I wanted was to get out. I just had no clue how.
So when the market crashed and along with it my business, I was strangely relieved.
I was free to start over and yet I felt petrified and liberated by my new reality.
I had no post-secondary education to speak of and my skills were wrapped around being creative with flowers.
Talk about feeling pigeon-holed, stuck, and starting from zero.
Since I needed to make some money, I decided to take a job in a floral factory of sorts. My new job had me standing on a production line doing work that was very low paying and equally low skill level so that I had time to re-imagine who I wanted to be in my work life.
I had my iPod loaded with a smattering of podcasts that spoke to me about possibilities. I would listen to podcasts of other peoples stories of finding and doing the work they loved and tried to take as much as I possibly could and translate it to my own life. If I had to choose one of the podcasts that was most transformational for me, I would say without a doubt it is Marianne Williamson’s Miracle Thought for The Day. I would take her words and repeat this phrase to help guide me on my next steps:

Where will you have me go, what will you have me do, what will you have me say, and to whom?

I needed to give up the control over what I thought I had control of, to my higher power, God, the universe, you know.
I found that alongside doing work that did not excite me I needed to get out of my own head and find something to do that would benefit others.
This was a big fat risk for me at the time as I had never done this but I knew I needed to help someone else. I would have gone stir crazy if all I did was try to sort out myself and stay locked up in my own thoughts. I decided that I could offer a listening ear to someone else who needed my time, attention, and energy. I had volunteered to cook dinner in a homeless shelter once a month with a group of friends and I really enjoyed the time after we cooked dinner chatting with the residents about life.
I decided that I would spend some time over the next year giving a half a day a week of my time outside the monthly commitment to this homeless shelter. I would spend my time listening to the life stories of the residents at the shelter. I felt that listening to other peoples stories would help me keep my own story in perspective. The last thing I wanted to do was to get too caught up in my own tale of “poor me”. The poor me tale was all too easy for me to indulge in, this much I knew for sure.
Back to the important part, the shelter. To say that my time at the homeless shelter changed me is such an understatement. My time listening to the stories of my new friends who happen to be without housing helped me to appreciate how much I loved being a part of supporting someone to see how much value they could offer the world just by recognizing what they had to offer. Interestingly, it helped me to see this in myself as well. My eyes were opened to see and appreciate the value I brought to others by listening, encouraging, and witnessing some amazing life stories.
The time I spent in the in-between, not knowing where I would land, was invaluable time. I don’t regret for a minute.
After my business ended and before my next career as a Life Coach began, I had to give myself as much permission as I could to rebuild myself.

I needed to humble myself.

I had to strip my life down further still, to allow me to do a job well beneath my skills and talents.
I needed to give myself the time and space to loosen the grip I had on identifying so closely with my career, so that I could build a new vision of who I could be outside of that old identity.

I needed to take some time to listen to my heart.

I needed to follow the winding path. That felt incredibly uncomfortable but necessary in order to lead me closer to a new version of me.
Not surprisingly to me is this: I needed all of these in-between steps.
Without the in-between and the uncomfortable, I would not have explored different parts of who I am. I needed to discover a new version on myself, and give her permission to try a new way of being on to see how she fit.
I know that all of the steps I took to rebuild myself following the crash of my career led me to a life I couldn’t have dreamt for myself, and yet it fits me perfectly.


This is the kind of career that feels like coming home to myself.
This is what it really means to be authentic, to be aligned, to be true to yourself.