Five Ways to Invest in Yourself.

Why is it that every time the word invest is thrown around, people, myself included, assume it is all about the money conversation?  Well, not today.   I really believe that investing in yourself is more powerful than all the money in the world.  BOLD statement?  Yes, but without investing in who you are, it’s hard to make anything, let alone money.  There, I said it.  Now on with it.

girl-in grass

#1.  Honour Your Intuition By Tapping Into It:

I show myself love when I trust my gut enough to honour the message it’s sending.  Listening to my intuition allows me to make better decisions.  The more I learn to tap into my intuitive nature, by trusting the feelings coming up, the more it pays off.  If you are intuitive, you will find that valuing intuitive information such as incoming messages, feelings, energy, signals or the vibe in a room, you have a leg up on things.  Valuing your intuition by not allowing the thoughts, statements, or feelings of others to take away from what you know to be true is incredibly helpful.   Paying closer attention to how you truly feel helps to make smarter, better, faster decisions about how to proceed.  If I ignore a vibe, a feeling, or an energy,  I find myself regretting the decision(s) or action(s) I make. The more we honour our intuition, the more we can trust it and start to lean on it to guide us.

#2.  Invest in Building Your Confidence:

People who believe they are valuable have something to say, and others listen.  Invest in yourself by developing an understanding of your inner value.  Embracing your value will provide you with confidence.  You will no longer hold your thoughts back, muffle who you are, or wait until later to share what you know is on your heart.  Sure, being introverted can get in the way.  As an introvert myself – I get that.  But,  being introverted also provides unique position of strength in this regard.  Introverts tend to make slower, more deliberate moves and these can pay off for us.  For women in general, introverted or not, stepping into our value and sharing it with confidence is a process.  Begin by taking some or all of the steps towards loving yourself.  This is a great way to invest in your value and build on it.  The more you invest in yourself personally, financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually – the greater the returns.  Once you start to build, you will find yourself  suddenly speaking up, and showing up.  Had you told me even five years ago that I would have a business with my name on it  never mind a website with my face so prominently displayed, I would have laughed.  I was not ready, I had not invested enough to make this mental leap.  After putting in the time, taking small steps, and investing in my value as a person, I can see and feel the tremendous value I hold.  I want you to see the value that you hold. I want to hold onto it for you, until you are ready to take hold of it for yourself.  I want to call on you to Rise Up & Be Seen.  It’s time.  You know it is. Your heart is probably pounding just reading this because you know it’s time.

#3.  Investing Time into Developing Your Creativity

Sounds obvious, right?!

Here is what I mean when I say creativity.  I am such a visually inspired person, who isn’t these days…  Using the camera on my iPhone, I have found to be a great tool to start loving myself.  How?  I love to express my creativity by taking photos of myself and nature from interesting angles.  Like this one…

My Shoes

I love catching photos of nature too.  Expressing my love for nature and the gratitude that comes along with it never lets me down.

Here is the shot I took with VSCOcam just a few days ago and posted on Instagram. 

A Canopy Under The Green

#4.  Reconnect to Your True Nature:

When I feel like I am moving off course, not listening to my deep inner callings.  When I get distracted by the noise of life.  When I lose touch with who I am, I go to nature.  Nature, she never disappoints me.  I go to nature to be fed.  To listen to what I need from myself, to get some space from what has me all tied up in a knot.  I go to nature to find my way back.   My time in nature is often spent in quiet reflection, because that is where the rubber meets the road, no getting away from myself there.  When I am wrestling deeply with my thoughts, or reflecting on how grateful I am for where I am and who I am, I listen to the voices of thought leaders who inspire me.

Do you have a place that you go to that brings you back to centre?  How often do you allow yourself the time to go there?

#5.  Investing in Yourself; Financially $$$:

I place high value on investing in myself more and more these days. Don’t you find that the times you align your desire to do, be, and create something important to you are also the times you decided to invest some money into supporting you to make that thing happen.  Putting my money into buying a course, a business coach, to enhance a skill, or dive deeper into a hobby demonstrates to me how much I value who I am.  I also personally invest some money in a good hair cut or colour as this also ranks high for me in terms of showing love to myself.  If I feel my best, I am more likely to do my best. The ripple effects of investing in myself pay off time and again for me.  Have you noticed this too?

  Invest in Using What You’ve Got – And Getting More Out Of It.:

Invest in building your confidence.  Tap into your intuition.  Reconnect with yourself in nature.  Start using your creativity as often as you can.  Place a concerted effort into intentionally adding these four investments into yourself.  Why is this so powerful?  Investing in yourself sends a strong message to yourself and the world. The message is

What I hold within me is important enough to me that I am going to give it the time and space to grow and yield results.

If we do not spend our energy, time, and money on developing ourselves we will become smaller.  If you stop speaking up for yourself, you will forget how to.  If you don’t value yourself, you will exhaust yourself looking for others to give this to you.  If you don’t trust your intuition, the signals become weaker and its effectiveness is lost.  If your creativity is put on the back burner, you will have trouble coaxing it forward when you are ‘ready’ to use it.

Rising Up & Being Seen is not about raising your visibility per se, it’s about taking active steps towards bringing more of who you are into your everyday.  No dulling it down, ignoring it, or putting on the face you feel others expect of you.

Investing in yourself, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and yes, financially only add to supporting you in Rising Up & Being Seen.   Building a strong foundation from which to grow yourself bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter.  It just makes good sense.



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4 comments on “5 Ways to Invest in Yourself {without spending a big pile of $$$ cash}.”

  1. Lovely, wise post. Like many people, I’ve got ‘stuff’ around money. Re-framing the idea of spending energy, time, money etc. on myself as investing has been huge for me. In terms of mental wellness, investing in great therapy, yoga, good food and long walks has been invaluable. In terms of my biz, investing in great coaching has given me returns that can’t be measured financially. Sometimes the best investment we can make is, as you say, listening deeply and intuitively to what we need and crave – that might be solitude, a nap or a chocolate croissant. It’s understanding that we’re valuable enough to invest in that’s key.

  2. I read this post days ago, and it’s been on my head ever since… You say so many true things, it’s a bit overwhelming to me… in a good sense, though.

    Thank you very much.

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